Monday, October 30, 2006

Window Washers, Chattanooga TN

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Here is Vincent, cleaning our kitchen and cooking dinner for us after a hard day’s work, cleaning windows, screens and gutters. Who wouldn’t want to hire True Shine window washers, they are great to have around!

Chattanooga Window Washing

Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Wedding Album

This past Friday, Emily, Katie and I planned a “Dress-up and Get Down: Halloween Party”. I’m 27 years old and still enjoy playing dress-up…Anyways, lots of fun…I couldn’t finish down loading all my pictures on Flikr, but check out the ones that are up!

And here we are:

I finally was able to dress up as Yoko Ono, I’ve been wanting to for a couple of years now (just because it’s an easy get-up for me) but I either couldn’t find a guy to play my ‘husband’ or I had short hair. This year I had both: a husband and long hair, so it was a fairly easy decision to make for what we would be.

Side note: I’ve read a bit about Yoko, after the party, and didn’t realize what a “character” she is…Oh, and last Halloween Party was when Vincent and I started hanging out. I was Chun-Li and he was a bar fly.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

"For the Love", by Vincent

Recently Vincent has been busy rekindling his love for writing. He has been doing art features and music reviews for the Pulse: Chattanooga’s weekly alternative. You should check it out when you have time (by picking up a copy of the Pulse or clicking onto their link)…and if you would like, feel free to comment!

This current article is about The Late Bloomers Series at the Chattanooga Theater Center (more details in the article). It all seems very interesting and we should get a group to go see some of their shows.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Back to Work

I'm officially back to work. It's nice and liberating to know I'm getting paid again. Its sad how I'm so much more motivated now that I'm getting paid...hopefully that motivation and passion will hold me through these next couple of months as a lot of my cases are going to court.

Well, in the world of adoption and foster care, we are always going to court. Nothing is final until we take it to this building (photo below) and the judge makes a decision. And like any other governmental process, one visit to this bare, impersonal building isn’t enough.

Often I see the same kids roaming these halls and to them it’s a normal part of their lives to sit in a courthouse. Sad. They know the routine: be quite, be torn between your biological parents and your foster parent as they sit across from each other in the waiting area, once you’re called into the ‘big’ room they are to behave, say bye to your biological family, and go home with your foster parents.

I sometimes wonder why I’m a part of this sad system. To make children’s lives better? Who am I to know what is best?

The irony is that the children I work for always make me smile, THEY make ME smile. They make me feel loved...even if I don't have any clue in what I'm doing, its all okay when a child runs to give me a big hug and I can at least return the hug.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Middle Child

I have now mentioned to Vincent several times, in passing, how Sienna, my new cousin, has quickly become one of my favorite people. I was listing off her great characteristics to why she is so great and without much pre-thought I assessed it was all due to the fact that she was the middle child. Then later I realized that I’m married to a ‘middle child’ and furthermore, a lot of my close friends are, as well as other cool people.

According to Wikipedia, “Middleborn children have a diverse range of personalities. The habits of many middleborns are motivated by the fact that they have never been truly in the spotlight. The first-born always seems to be achieving and pioneering ahead, while the younger sibling is secure in his or her niche as the entertainer of the family. The middle born child may develop great social skills and have an easier time growing up with an other-centered point of view. The middle child knows what he or she is doing and tends to become very intelligent in their efforts to gain attention from siblings. Middle born children are usually quite talented, and their quest for perfection against their siblings can lead them to discover new and unlooked-for qualities, musically, academically, and theoretically. It has been suggested that middleborn children are more likely to be entrepreneurs. Karen E. Klein, a Los Angeles-based writer, suggested that a middleborn's innate skills in diplomacy plus their flexibility in ideas make them more susceptible to entrepreneurship. A first born's common feeling of a fear of losing the top position makes them more risk adverse. This makes first borns less likely to create a new venture.”

So, maybe middle children are just cooler. Maybe from here on out, when I’m meeting new people I should ask for their birth order than decide if I want to be there friend or not. But then again, maybe not, since I’m a first born and I think I turned out okay.

Kristine and Vincent: both middle children

Carrie Galpin, sitting in the middle, can sorta be considered a middle child.

And here is Sienna.

Tommy: the coolest of them all.

Emily and my sister, Kari (Halloween two years ago)

'D'-standing in the center. Um, Mokko I guess is/
can be considered to be in the middle...but I think
he's more of the baby in the family.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Minutes from the weekend

I just got back from hanging out with Emily at Hair of the Dog. Good ole’ girl time. It was a good way to wrap a busy weekend as I socially caught up. Friday, I went to have dinner at Durty Nelly’s with the Roes, Brent and Andy. (And thanks to the guys, I now know what to get my husband for Christmas.) Saturday morning, Vincent and I went to the Enchanted Maze with my foster families (wish I had pictures). That night we enjoyed the company of some of our friends at Lupi’s…
...and here is Brandt and Kristine, at Lupi's, not too thrilled that I had my camera out...

...and yes, another picture of Vincent.

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Praise God! It has finally employment authorization card!
Thanks to all those who have prayed along side
us for this day to come!

Half Off

Today is Thursday: where Mudpie's offers Half off Wine Night.
For me it is an excuse to see friends,
actually it WAS an excuse to see friends...
I think we are getting older and more responsible,
as there is less of us that go or
we sometimes just don't go at all.

Me and Marr Marr back in the day all our friends used to come.

Kari and Bethany: mid expression-this was Kari's last 'Half Off' before she moved.


Vincent: who knows what he's doing...

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Henry in Recovery

We rejoice that Henry's surgery yesterday was a success, and that the Lord placed our young warrior in the hands of a serious expert. Henry's a huge joy for us to behold whenever we're with the Ferris family. And we're praying for them as they stand by Henry's recovery bed. Check the Ferris family blog for details on the surgery if you haven't yet.

Monday, October 16, 2006

The Harvest Moon Festival

This past Saturday a bunch of us joined the Dixons on their farm for a little 'brew-haha' or as Ryan and Vincent called it the 'Harvest Moon Festival', a.k.a. Chinese Thanksgiving. However, to be exact, the actual Festival day was supposed to be on October 6th (the 15th day of the 8th lunar month) and our party was on the 14th. Whatever day it was suppose to happen, it was a fun gathering…

There are different versions on the story of how the actual Harvest Moon Festival came about. One version I like is where, this chic Chang Er took pills, became a fairy to run away from her husband, and now she is known as the immortal Moon goddess. How random.

This festival is cool in away that it’s also called the Women’s Festival. The moon is the yin, representing beauty and elegance. Therefore, it’s a festival to appreciate women for their ‘beauty and elegance’ via appreciating the moon…cool huh?

So, here are some pictures of women with “beauty and elegance” that were at the party (obviously there were more women there, but I didn’t get their pictures):

Friday, October 13, 2006

Welcome to the South

Part of the Smoky Mountains is located within Gatlinburg, TN. It’s a bit ironic to me that at the foot of such a grand National Park (nature at its finest), sits a tourist town infested with man-made attractions. Not just that, in my experience, Gatlinburg is the quintessence of the good ol’southern culture.

Here, in this precious town, one tourist can enjoy many of the kitschy entertainments. Such are as follows: Hillbilly Golf, Triumphant Southern Gospel Show, Ole Smoky Hoedown, Black Bear Jamboree Dinner and Show, Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede Dinner and Show (Where you can choose your allegiance by sitting on the ‘north side’ or the ‘south’ side), and much much more!

Out of all the billboards advertising the many attractions available, the ones for The Miracle caught our attention the most. Apparently this is a Faith based musical depicting, “the greatest battle between good and evil”. I’ve not seen the show so I can not judge it in any way, but who wouldn’t be curious of a billboard with a devil on it (and man, I wish I could have gotten a picture of it)? Here are some examples of their billboards…

I’ve been in the United States for about eight years now. However, I’m amazed at how ‘diverse’ its culture is everyday.

High Point

Vincent and I, sadly missed the Covenant Homecoming. Instead we visted the Smokies, where Vincent proposed to me this past spring. Clingmans Dome apparently is the TN's Highest point, located in the Smoky Mountains. Sunday morning we decide to make the hike.

  • At 6,642 feet, Clingmans Come is the high point of Great Smoky Mt. one of the highest point in eastern United States.
  • Distance to Clingmans Dome (from the parking lot) - 0.5 miles
  • Ascent from parking area- 330feet
  • Walking time to the tower – 30mins.
  • “Your body may not used to the thinner air up here: If you experience shortness of breath, slow down or stop to rest”-states the sign at the base of the climb
The last point is a very important fact, the reason for my heavy breathing and tiredness of making this climb is all due to the 'thinner air'...nothing else.
... our accommodations were alot more enjoyable than the hike...sorry, I'm no true Howard yet.

The lodge, had two hot tubs, big screen T.V., 8 bedrooms, pool table and much much more...just for the two Howards.

(Roe's-you in? Next Feb?)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

As my duty as a wife...

...I cook for my husband...

...and ramen noodles he eats...

Monday, October 09, 2006

Typhoon Xangsane

For those who haven't heard, typhoon Xangsane hit Manila Sep. 28th...about a week and a bit ago. For those who don't know, my parents live in Manila and it is where I've called "home" for most of my life.

Typhoon season is a normal thing in the Philippines: according to Fox News, about 20 typhoons are experienced in the Philippines yearly. When I lived there, we regulary had "typhoon days" which equates to "snow days" here in the United States. Therefore in most cases, typhoons are of no-biggies.

HOWEVER, this typhooon has been one of the worst hits since 11 years ago when typhoon Angela hit. Typhoon Xangsane blew across some parts of Manila at the speed of 90 miles per hour. Many have lost lives, loved ones and homes.

I have recieved word that my parents are okay. They lucked out with a generator which gave them enough electricity for their refrigerator and a lamp. Please keep Philippines in your prayers and praise God that my parents are okay.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

In memory...

I miss my porch (es). For good past five years, I have existed on my own front porch with Bethany, and many other roommates that have come and gone. As of August, I now only have a stoop (which this blog is named after). This post is in memory of all the good times we've (Bethany and I ) had on our porches.

Vincent on New Years 2006

Just a small glimpse of our memories on the porch.
We miss you Bethany!
(This is the very last picture taken on our porch)