Tuesday, October 03, 2006

In memory...

I miss my porch (es). For good past five years, I have existed on my own front porch with Bethany, and many other roommates that have come and gone. As of August, I now only have a stoop (which this blog is named after). This post is in memory of all the good times we've (Bethany and I ) had on our porches.

Vincent on New Years 2006

Just a small glimpse of our memories on the porch.
We miss you Bethany!
(This is the very last picture taken on our porch)


galpin said...

oh ye porch. how i miss thy hard lines and blissful, outdoors. how great of you, that you can mix being outside with the comforts of being inside. how you break convention. how you are littered with cigarette butts and fallen words from good coversation. how you are able to warm with an outdoor heater, entertain with a good joke, comfort with a good book, inebriate with a strong drink, and wake-up with a good cup of coffee. thank you. you are loved and missed. i hope and pray that other fair travelers will relish in your shade and skill in being outside with the comforts of being inside--sans the a.c.

JosiahQ said...

woah, you've got pics of new years?