Tuesday, June 24, 2008

anniversary gifts

Okay, first of all, 'no', it's not our anniversary... yet. But it's coming up in two months and two days. So...today's distraction from work is to start figuring out what I'm going to get my husband of a year and 9 months and 29 days for our two year anniversary.

Last year we gave one another gifts off the 'traditional' list: paper. I thought it was a brilliant idea to go according to a list so I wouldn't have to go through the headache of deciding what to get Vincent every year. I also suggested this idea in hopes that it would eliminate both of us from wanting to overspend on our gifts...and to be creative. I sorta failed to follow my own guidelines last year, which I clearly laid out for Vincent and bought him an ipod. However, I got away with it by telling Vincent that the ipod followed our guidelines as it was 'thin as paper'...he didn't argue with me.

(I am realizing now that maybe I have set the gift buying standard a little too high for the first year.)

I was surfing the net for what the second anniversary gift was...and according to Chicago Public Library, if we go the 'traditional' route, something cotton is next on the list. If we go with the 'modern' list, then China is the next thing on the list. And did you know that cotton as an anniversary gift is suppose to represent great prosperity? And China represents love that is elegant and beautiful. Hmm~so do I give Vincent something that symbolizes elegance and beauty or do I give him something that supposedly characterizes the prosperity of our marriage.

Since we went with the 'traditional' list last year - it would make sense that we follow the same list for this year. Right? Not so. After carefully looking at the 'modern' list - the gifts are so much better. While the old list is: paper, cotton, leather, fruits, iron...the new list is: clocks, china, crystal, appliances....and according the the modern ways I would get a diamond jewel a lot quicker. If we followed the traditional list I would have to wait for our 60th anniversary before I get a diamond.

(Madonna is now coming to mind as I realize I am a material girl. ...Living in a material world, And I am a material girl, You know that we are living in a material world, And I am a material girl...)

Oh, what to do? What to do?

Well, I feel that I've now thought about it long enough that I don't have to buy him a gift anymore...it's the thought that matters right? Cool. Well...I've been distracted long enough from work. And the truth of the matter is I now probably won't think about our anniversary gift until two days prior.


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Daddy - Happy Father's Day!!

....and a special picture for Mommy
(since I didn't post pictures for Mother's Day :)).

Tuesday, June 03, 2008