Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Watchman!

Watchman turned four yesterday! It has been a joy to watch him grow.

At two years old he would count in Japanese for me. He would also recite verses and sing Neil Yong songs.

When Watchman was three, Vincent sat with him to eat cherry's one day. Vincent advised Watchman not to pull the stem off the cherry so that it will be easier to hold. Watchman ignored Vincent's advice, so Vincent advised him again, "Don't pull the stem off. It'll be easier for you to hold the cherry." Watchman responded, "I'm NOT pulling the stem off. I'm just pulling the Cherry off."

Watchman, I can't wait to see what you learn this year! Happy Birthday!

Here are some pictures from his Birthday Party at Coolidge:


Brothers: Gabe and Isaac

More picture on Flickr

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008

Sunday Rest

Kyrie and Eric came to visit for a long weekend. It was so great to see them and have them over at our house like they had never left. Eric and Micheal cooked us Spaghetti Lunch, which was delicious. Not only did we have great lunch and great company - but we got to have a Sunday Nap - which beats out most anything...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Chucky Cheeze Shinanigans

This Sat. we went to celebrate Ella's 6ths Birthday.
Vincent and I enjoyed ourselves thoroughly - we fit right in with the kids.

Ella and Kristine

Ella and her cake

Ella and her peeps

My Ruby Cakes

Vincent and his new best friend, Olivia

Vincent had a fan base of little boys cheering him on while playing this game.
"Man, he's so cool!" says one little boy.
Another will state, "Dude! Did you see that! He just totally blew them up!"
They were maybe 7.
It pumped him up so much he kept popping in our tokens one game after another and I finally had to stop him so that I had some left.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

It's lunch break! Yeah!

It's time to catch up.

So, crazy weeks have past-thank goodness. Vincent and I are finally settling down. We still have lots to go (more painting, more unpacking, putting up curtains and frames), but for the most part we are getting more comfortable with our new home.

As mentioned before, my parents were in town the day after we moved in to our new place. Thanks to them; while Vincent and I were at work they cleaned our yard, our house, cooked and etc.! Even after they have left, I still notice the little things my parents did around the house to make this transition easier on us. Thank you Mom and Dad! I already miss them, but now I miss them more.

Not only did they help us out around the house, but my parents bought me and Vincent a camera!!! What? Snap! Yes! I now have a camera again!!! I'm super duper excited! I have gone a year with out a camera and I'm totally out of habit :). But, here are some experimental pics I took with my new Nikon Coolpix. Apparently the camera can take 16 consecutive shots in one....

It's fun but the only thing is you really can't see the images :).

Hopefully - more images will come!