Sunday, October 12, 2008

Chucky Cheeze Shinanigans

This Sat. we went to celebrate Ella's 6ths Birthday.
Vincent and I enjoyed ourselves thoroughly - we fit right in with the kids.

Ella and Kristine

Ella and her cake

Ella and her peeps

My Ruby Cakes

Vincent and his new best friend, Olivia

Vincent had a fan base of little boys cheering him on while playing this game.
"Man, he's so cool!" says one little boy.
Another will state, "Dude! Did you see that! He just totally blew them up!"
They were maybe 7.
It pumped him up so much he kept popping in our tokens one game after another and I finally had to stop him so that I had some left.


grace said...

great job today morning!

Kiko and/or Vincent said...

Thanks Grace!