Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tents for Haiti

photo from CNN
Passing the word along for New City Fellowship and R3International:

In Jacmel, Haiti some 2,000 people have lost their homes and are sleeping in a field. An organization there has a plan for transitional and long term housing, but there is an immediate need for tents. We have offered to collect 650 tents and deliver them to Jacmel within the next week. We need your help. Please consider donating a new or unused 2 pole 3-4 person tent, along with $10 to help cover shipping. Tents can be delivered to us or to New City
(2412 E.4th St,Chattanooga TN 37404). Checks can be made out to New City, with Haiti tents in the memo. If you are unable to send a tent, please consider sending $50 to cover the cost of a tent. We need to move quickly!

*Friends who don't attend New City: if you would like, you can bring the tents (or checks made out to New City Fellowship) to Vincent and I and we can pass them along to the church.*

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Last Weekend

Vincent turned 29!
The last year in his 20's.
It's not too late to wish him happy birthday!

On his birthday, after sleeping in, we rolled out to
Aretha Frankensteins for brunch with Phil.
The wait is slow, but it's worth the wait. Time to just chill with friends and a cup of coffee.
Then later we strolled out to go shoe shopping and CD shopping.

It was a perfect low key day.
I love these days where I can just 'hang' with my husband.
I'm glad he was born.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Keep Calm and Carry On

My motto for 2010.
This poster was on my Christmas wish list, I didn't get it. I'm not complaining because I received beautiful gifts (like my beautiful locket from Vincent)...but I love these posters. I want one in my office at work. I love what it says and I love how they look.

You can also purchase the posters via sfgirlbybay, who's blog introduced me to these posters. Right now, she is donating $5 of her earnings per poster to aid Haiti. So do it.
These posters were created in Great Britain in 1963 as motivational posters around the time of WW II. For further history and more merchandise you can visit here.

On the topic of posters; check this!