Friday, January 30, 2009

Advanced Style

I was illegally surfing the net at work.
Specifically, I was going through Mary's blog - and found this blog: Advanced Style - Proof from the wizened and silver-haired set that personal style advances with age.

Mary, where did you find this blog? It's awesome! Made my dreary Friday morning!

My predictions:

Micheal Kendall??Bethany??? Or maybe more Emily?

Maybe this is more Bethany??

Matt Laslo???? (I personally think this is my best prediction.)


Maybe, Vincent and I?...maybe least hopefully not the hair.

Vincent?? Maybe too "hot". Maybe minus the glasses and the hat.

Anyways. It's an awesome site. Props to the photographers!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Isaac and Megan

. . .are engaged!
Congrats friends!

Here are some pictures from their engagement party.
More on flickr.
Couple with their cousin, Margret and Bronwyn.
Calvin and Isaac's matching boots.

Vincent and Will

Monday, January 12, 2009

Girls night out

Carrie's been in town for the past week! A FULL week!YEAH! I'm loving it!
She's been spoiling me, making me baths while I'm sick and cooking and cleaning for us. I feel like a bad host but I've felt loved. For sure.

Grace turned big 3-0!
Mom's wanted a break.
Carrie was in town.
What more reason do we need to have a girls night out?

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Another addition

Meet Miko, the new member of the family.
She's our 'neice'. We are taking care of Miko for the next several months as Yukari goes off to Africa. For the longest time I thought my sister would be roughing it in Africa.

Not the case, really. She is heading off to Kenya and Tanzania to be an environmental analyst/assessor for an underground resort and a company called Monsoon Empires. (You gotta check out their webiste!) For the other part of the trip she will she'll be creating an eco-tourism packet for...I think the same company (different website)...The eco-tourism packet will include experiences such as Yacht 'hotel', Safaris, Gorilla Tracking and Scuba diving.

So. My sister will not be roughing it in Africa. Far from it. It'll be more like resort hoping.
Go get em' Kari....and get Vincent and I the hook up to come visit you. I'm so proud of your hard work and you deserve to have a great adventure!

Oh! And to follow her on this trip she's started a blog.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Holidays - the end: New Years

New Years at D's.
(Side note: D and I have celebrated 7 new years together consecutively. We somehow get stuck with planning or hosting the parties....except for the time we escaped to NY. Craziness!)
New Years is best celebrated with small group of friends!

This is of us counting down. And apparently I'm not a good videoographer - you can't see anything...and I cut it into two pieces by accident.

The last part of our singing.

Bean and Me...

Matt and Vincent
Happy New Years from the Howards!!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Holidays Part IV: Christmas and My Siblings

Christmas day was a bit crazy this year. First of all, Yukari and Yuji couldn't get down to be with us until Christmas Eve. Vincent and Brandt had stayed up until 3 AM the night before getting the Wii warmed up so we were already exhausted. Then Christmas Eve, Yuji's car decided to break down 2.5 hours north from here. So we had to forego Christmas Eve dinner for the guys to drive 5 hours to pick Yuji up. Yukari arrived around 10PM. The boys didn't arrive until about 1 - 2 AM. Then they decided to kick it with the wii for couple more hours.

Here is the crew the next morning. To enjoy Christmas day to the fullest, we pulled ourselves out of bed around 10am. We look a bit shabby, and so is the focus on the picture, but it truely reflects how we all felt from the lack of sleep.

Tired or not, nothing stops us from opening gifts.

The aftermath.

And here is Vincent, slaving away at the Turkey he couldn't prep the night before becuase he was on the road to pick Yuji up. Vincent was a good sport and worked hard into the night.

It's 1AM, now Dec. 26th. We are pooped. The turkey is finally done.
Thanks to Vincent we had a delicious Christmas Dinner to end off our crazy LONG Christmas day.

Holidays Part III: Wii

Brandt got a Wii for Christmas.
I was sick two days after Christmas and Vincent is now sick.
I blame it on the Wii that kept us up till 3 ~4am in the morning for three consecutive nights.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Holidays Part II: Ryan and Abby Dixon

The Dixon's were in town from Korea about two weeks ago.
Got to see them twice and sadly I only have a picture of Ryan.

Enjoying Sunday before the Christmas crazies at the Ferris'...and wishing the Dixon's won't leave.

The kids warming up for their caroling session.
Proud parents of Watchman, Bronwyn, Asher and # 4.
Proud singers.
kids just playing Narnia

Holidays Part I: April

Holidays started with celebrating April's birthday. I think it was two weeks ago, but it seems like it was decades ago. We usually go to Cannon Grill but Josiah got his hands on this really cool apartment on Main St and April cooked us some shrimp dish.Nicely done Josiah.