Thursday, January 08, 2009

Another addition

Meet Miko, the new member of the family.
She's our 'neice'. We are taking care of Miko for the next several months as Yukari goes off to Africa. For the longest time I thought my sister would be roughing it in Africa.

Not the case, really. She is heading off to Kenya and Tanzania to be an environmental analyst/assessor for an underground resort and a company called Monsoon Empires. (You gotta check out their webiste!) For the other part of the trip she will she'll be creating an eco-tourism packet for...I think the same company (different website)...The eco-tourism packet will include experiences such as Yacht 'hotel', Safaris, Gorilla Tracking and Scuba diving.

So. My sister will not be roughing it in Africa. Far from it. It'll be more like resort hoping.
Go get em' Kari....and get Vincent and I the hook up to come visit you. I'm so proud of your hard work and you deserve to have a great adventure!

Oh! And to follow her on this trip she's started a blog.

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