Wednesday, March 26, 2008

So Tommy Galpin introduced us to this blog.

Check it!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Feaster 2008

So...we have lots to blog about, especially about our trip to the Philippines. But that will have to wait as Vincent is still jotting down some notes from our vacation.

However, I wanted to pause from the topic of Philippines and wish everyone Happy Easter!

God blessed us with a beautiful Easter - Great Service and great time with our friends. Cooking and feasting with friends is most definitely a good way to be reminded of how much God loves me. And to be able to celebrate Christ's resurrection with our friends is definitely a blessing from God.

Thanks D and Brent for hosting Easter Feast 08...and Tommy and Ruth, it was so good to have you guys home for this celebration.

More pictures by Andy Monty.

Friday, March 07, 2008

The Full Tropical Experience

I feel sorta bad making a post about our time at the beach as Vincent is currently sick. Our days are full as I drag Vincent around showing him my old stompin` grounds...and I think it has finally caught up to him as he has the dreadful Filipino stomach bug. Bethany got something similar when she came with me to the Philippines, which makes me wonder if being sick is just part of the experience of being in the tropics...getting their nasty virus.

Other than experiencing the tropical virus, it hasn`t been a shabby experience. And couple days ago I was finally able to show Vincent one of my favorite places in the world.
Here are some picture!

...After a two hour bus ride and a two hour boat ride... a Banca (pictured above)...

...and a Tricycle ride...

...we arrived to this beautiful beach at Peurto Gallera.

Here we are...doing the beach thing...

Here is Vincent getting a full body massage.
Here is the beautiful blue water...and healthy Vincent...
Wish you, our friends and family, were here!
And keep Vincent`s health in your prayers!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

First Days in Manila

The rooftop pool deck above sits outside the Takata's condo. Another series of pool decks thirty stories up, on the building's roof, affords a view of the downtown Manila skyline against the mountain range that borders the city. Yesterday Kiko and I decided to sit up there in the heat and wait for a gray blue storm system we saw approaching in the distance. Though we could see the rain spout moving closer through the sky, it held out longer than our patience. I guess this says something about the visibility from up there.

If you pull out a camera in the presence of the local children, be prepared to stop and shoot them posing. They rushed us before we could refuse.