Sunday, March 02, 2008

First Days in Manila

The rooftop pool deck above sits outside the Takata's condo. Another series of pool decks thirty stories up, on the building's roof, affords a view of the downtown Manila skyline against the mountain range that borders the city. Yesterday Kiko and I decided to sit up there in the heat and wait for a gray blue storm system we saw approaching in the distance. Though we could see the rain spout moving closer through the sky, it held out longer than our patience. I guess this says something about the visibility from up there.

If you pull out a camera in the presence of the local children, be prepared to stop and shoot them posing. They rushed us before we could refuse.

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kate said...

heartwarming to hear from you-mk and sienna and damien and i spent the day in Phil. with Brae-all our love, kate