Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Holidays Part IV: Christmas and My Siblings

Christmas day was a bit crazy this year. First of all, Yukari and Yuji couldn't get down to be with us until Christmas Eve. Vincent and Brandt had stayed up until 3 AM the night before getting the Wii warmed up so we were already exhausted. Then Christmas Eve, Yuji's car decided to break down 2.5 hours north from here. So we had to forego Christmas Eve dinner for the guys to drive 5 hours to pick Yuji up. Yukari arrived around 10PM. The boys didn't arrive until about 1 - 2 AM. Then they decided to kick it with the wii for couple more hours.

Here is the crew the next morning. To enjoy Christmas day to the fullest, we pulled ourselves out of bed around 10am. We look a bit shabby, and so is the focus on the picture, but it truely reflects how we all felt from the lack of sleep.

Tired or not, nothing stops us from opening gifts.

The aftermath.

And here is Vincent, slaving away at the Turkey he couldn't prep the night before becuase he was on the road to pick Yuji up. Vincent was a good sport and worked hard into the night.

It's 1AM, now Dec. 26th. We are pooped. The turkey is finally done.
Thanks to Vincent we had a delicious Christmas Dinner to end off our crazy LONG Christmas day.

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