Monday, January 18, 2010

Keep Calm and Carry On

My motto for 2010.
This poster was on my Christmas wish list, I didn't get it. I'm not complaining because I received beautiful gifts (like my beautiful locket from Vincent)...but I love these posters. I want one in my office at work. I love what it says and I love how they look.

You can also purchase the posters via sfgirlbybay, who's blog introduced me to these posters. Right now, she is donating $5 of her earnings per poster to aid Haiti. So do it.
These posters were created in Great Britain in 1963 as motivational posters around the time of WW II. For further history and more merchandise you can visit here.

On the topic of posters; check this!

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kate said...

hey sweetie, It's about time we heard from you! After Jan 2nd, much calm has been needed for many many people. xxookate