Monday, October 09, 2006

Typhoon Xangsane

For those who haven't heard, typhoon Xangsane hit Manila Sep. 28th...about a week and a bit ago. For those who don't know, my parents live in Manila and it is where I've called "home" for most of my life.

Typhoon season is a normal thing in the Philippines: according to Fox News, about 20 typhoons are experienced in the Philippines yearly. When I lived there, we regulary had "typhoon days" which equates to "snow days" here in the United States. Therefore in most cases, typhoons are of no-biggies.

HOWEVER, this typhooon has been one of the worst hits since 11 years ago when typhoon Angela hit. Typhoon Xangsane blew across some parts of Manila at the speed of 90 miles per hour. Many have lost lives, loved ones and homes.

I have recieved word that my parents are okay. They lucked out with a generator which gave them enough electricity for their refrigerator and a lamp. Please keep Philippines in your prayers and praise God that my parents are okay.

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storyteller said...

my parents are in manila too, they just got power back as well.