Friday, October 13, 2006

High Point

Vincent and I, sadly missed the Covenant Homecoming. Instead we visted the Smokies, where Vincent proposed to me this past spring. Clingmans Dome apparently is the TN's Highest point, located in the Smoky Mountains. Sunday morning we decide to make the hike.

  • At 6,642 feet, Clingmans Come is the high point of Great Smoky Mt. one of the highest point in eastern United States.
  • Distance to Clingmans Dome (from the parking lot) - 0.5 miles
  • Ascent from parking area- 330feet
  • Walking time to the tower – 30mins.
  • “Your body may not used to the thinner air up here: If you experience shortness of breath, slow down or stop to rest”-states the sign at the base of the climb
The last point is a very important fact, the reason for my heavy breathing and tiredness of making this climb is all due to the 'thinner air'...nothing else.
... our accommodations were alot more enjoyable than the hike...sorry, I'm no true Howard yet.

The lodge, had two hot tubs, big screen T.V., 8 bedrooms, pool table and much much more...just for the two Howards.

(Roe's-you in? Next Feb?)

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