Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Back to Work

I'm officially back to work. It's nice and liberating to know I'm getting paid again. Its sad how I'm so much more motivated now that I'm getting paid...hopefully that motivation and passion will hold me through these next couple of months as a lot of my cases are going to court.

Well, in the world of adoption and foster care, we are always going to court. Nothing is final until we take it to this building (photo below) and the judge makes a decision. And like any other governmental process, one visit to this bare, impersonal building isn’t enough.

Often I see the same kids roaming these halls and to them it’s a normal part of their lives to sit in a courthouse. Sad. They know the routine: be quite, be torn between your biological parents and your foster parent as they sit across from each other in the waiting area, once you’re called into the ‘big’ room they are to behave, say bye to your biological family, and go home with your foster parents.

I sometimes wonder why I’m a part of this sad system. To make children’s lives better? Who am I to know what is best?

The irony is that the children I work for always make me smile, THEY make ME smile. They make me feel loved...even if I don't have any clue in what I'm doing, its all okay when a child runs to give me a big hug and I can at least return the hug.

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