Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Yukari is now 25 years and a day old! Yeah!

My baby sister turned a quarter of a century, as of September 11th. Yes, yes - 9/11. It's a date that the world will always remember. And it's a date I will never forget 'cuz 25 years ago I got a sister. My go-to person. When no body gets me, no one wants to fight with me, no one wants to shop with me, no one wants to laugh with me, no one wants to cry over chick-flicks with me: Kari has been there. 100%
She stood by my side, when I got married. She was there when Vincent proposed...the second time. She was one of 4 people to come see me walk for my M.S. Degree. She went jogging with me in the middle of the night so I can de-stress from writing my S.I.P. She has been there for all my significant events of my life...So, to my dear dear annoying sister...
I love you and happy happy birthday!!!

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kate said...

You get an A for all your posts! What wonderful loving words of your sister. xo