Wednesday, September 12, 2007


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Some of you may have heard - Indonesia has experienced another earth quake measured at 7.9M off the coast of Sumatra. In 2004, they experienced an earth quake of 8.9 M (possibly up to 9.3), which lead to a Tsunami that killed over 220,000 people. This was one of the most devastating natural disasters in the world.

The reason why I bring this incident up in my blog is because my mother is currently in Jakarta for a business trip. I have gotten word that she is fine and I have read on the news that Indonesia has lifted their Tsunami watch. Thank God! But please continue to pray for her safety and also for those in Sumatra.

By looking at the image above, it may seem as if Jakarta (where my mother is) is far enough away from where the earthquake hit. However, if you look at the image below (from wiki), the quake was farther away in 2004, but by looking at the countries most affected by the Tsunami then (yellow), its great news that my mother is okay. Thank God, Thank God.

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kate said...

yes, thank God-I loved meeting her and your dad that Sun at New City-I forget when exactly it was.