Thursday, February 26, 2009

Where's Wally

actually, let's play, Where's Miko.
Can you find her?

Look closer...yes, that is our beloved cat stuck in a tree. The same tree she got stuck in a week ago.

Apparently she hasn't learned her lesson. The first time, I noticed she was missing was when she didn't come back in the evening. The next morning I heard her meowing and started looking around in the bushes...then I looked up, and there she was. Vincent called Brandt to borrow their window washing ladder and proceeded to go after her. Once he got up to her, she freaked and jumped down herself...which makes me believe that she can jump down again. In the process she scratched Vincent by trying to hold on to his back.

This time, same thing. I noticed Miko didn't return in the evening. I didn't think she will be stuck in the same tree, but looked. And there she was!

Poor cat. and poor Vincent who has to go get her.
and poor me, who doesn't have anything better to do then blog about a cat in a tree.

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