Saturday, February 21, 2009

Family Pictures

Family pictures taken before Yukari left - for mommy and daddy.

Family pictures are probably the most common kind of shots taken in this world. If you ask me, they are the most difficult pictures to take. Most occasions, I think the process of taking family pictures brings out the worst in families...which is ironic because the end result makes a family look so 'happy'.

Here, I'm waiting for the peeps to get to their takes about 10 - 15 min.

One of many shots...trial and error. trial and error.

This is not posed. This is a 'true' family shot.
After seeing this picture, we all laughed - which is good b/c we finally were able to take the shot below.
The lighting isn't great, but we take it. We are relaxed and ourselves.
I hate taking family pictures, but I love the memories.


Anonymous said...

these are real adorable and im glad you got the not-so-shiny ones too---those are also important:)

and i'm guessing you got alot of your insight about family-picture-taking from last years christmas card ?? yeah?


Sienna said...

i love these... shows the true process. so dear!