Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ruth, My Hero

Ruth is absolutely my hero. This past Sunday she participated in Chattanooga Waterfront Triathlon. Ruth swam 1.5K down the TN river, biked 40K on highway 27 and ran 10K down Riverside drive. She was AMAZING, I was so impressed! If I'm correct this is her third race and there are more to come.

This is Tommy: her number 1 fan

This triathlon was my very first one to go see. I was so proud of everyone that participated in the race. I just can't get over what a body is capable of. Craziness. I gotta go see more!

We were so proud of you Ruth!!!

Here below is a video of us cheering for Ruth as she crossed the finish line.
Yes, Ruth had the loudest and largest fan base there.
The announcer couldn't say her name 'cuz we were so loud...sorry dude.
What can we say, we love her.

(I wish I got her as she was coming down the road. But I was so busy screaming that I only got her running by.)

photo courtesy by Mitch the Kate


Ruth said...

thank you Kiko! i feel very loved and special. it was really sweet of you guys to come out to the race and stay there for so long.
i hope to be able to hang out and chat with you alot more when we come back in town for Bethany's wedding.
i love you!

kyrie said...

triatheletes have always completely amazed me. every summer theres a big triathalon in the park next to us..people from all over the country..and for a day i feel like i'm living next to a bunch of super humans.