Monday, July 16, 2007

4th of July Shinanigins

I am behind on my blog postings as I'm just posting about 4th of July. I have a ton of pictures to display from this weekend but I wanted to post these first.
So, the eve of the 4th, some of us walked across the walking bridge to check out the fireworks.
We tried to meet the Righters, but they were in the crowd so we opted to stay on the bridge. I can't believe how many people can fit in Coolidge park. I enjoyed the crowd though, this is the one time of the year where so many people from so many backgrounds come together. I got a kick out of the wide range of fashion...I wish I had to gutts to shoot pictures of each different styles. Anyways, there is something impressive about the masses joining to partake in a tradition together. There are no other holidays where EVERYONE gets together, you know?

The next afternoon, on the 4th, we all went and celebrated Independence Day in a more intimate setting at the Dixon's. We had BBQ, a little game of kick ball...

...a little bit of fireworks...
...and last but not least a little bit of sliding.
Ryan and Abby rented this thing for the 4th of July celebration and we had such a blast that Meg rented it again yesterday...but those pictures will be up later.

So thats it for now. Good night.

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