Tuesday, June 12, 2007

To Strut or Not to Strut

Chattanooga's finest and largest block party of the year, Bessie Smith Strut was last night. Since the shooting of 2003 the strut only had lasted till 8:30. Understandably so. Until, this year, where the beer board won and pushed the closing time to 9:30. With how packed M.L.K Blvd. was, I'm pretty sure the hour made a difference for the venders. Apparently they are going to ask for another hour for 2008. Crazy! I mean, the place is packed out! They had security everywhere!

Like these cops scanning the crowd above buildings. We saw snipers too, just checking us out. Anyways, I don't know how security will be if it goes two hours past dark, next year. We all left before the cops pulled out their pellet guns to shoo us out. I mean, I wasn't about to stick around for a blind sniper to hit me. The place was so jammed packed, if anything crazy happened I just could imagine me getting stomped on.
Anyways, needless to say, even though it was packed and even though crazy things could happen, the cultural experience was and is worth having. Lowen, Vincent and I even witnessed a fight and I gotta say I was more worried about trying to get a picture of it than my safety. (Sorry, no picture of the fight.) I am such a tourist. dang. Well, next year...we'll see you there again.

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abby said...

it's good that you got a picture of the metallic gladiator sandals, which may have been more numerous than even the cops at the strut.