Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Organized Chaos

So, majority of the time I work from home. We have just rearranged our house, and my study/office has not been completely set up so I've been working around our coffee table for the past week. I'm starting to understand the saying, "Don't mix business w/ pleasure". The couch area used to be my nap space and my internet cafe. It is now my work space that I loath.

(Note to self: Get my life together. Clean. Get my life back.)

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kate said...

you are such a faithful blogger and "flickerer"--what do you think of that word Vincent?? Anyway Kiko, I check in with you daily on these sights and am so pleasantly surprised that someone likes to be in touch--we have chaos in our living room too--i have a very hard time with organization--when i start to organize papers and set up files-it seems that is a sure way for me to lose everything-i organise it right out of existence-xoxokate