Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Via Chicago

This past weekend, Vincent and I drove up to Chicago to see Yuji, my brother, graduate from Wheaton Colledge. It was a hectic weekend as we crammed in sight seeing, shopping, visiting with old friends and attending graduation events.

It feels a little strange that my baby brother is no longer a 'child' and now an adult. I'm a little nervous to know what kind of phone calls I'll recieve now. Before, calls consisted of Yuji calling me about a prank gone wrong, where he and his friends 'kidnapped' a stranger and stuck him in their car. Another call would be of Yuji telling me that he's skipping classes to drive to Alaska and forgetting his passport to get into Canada. Or he would call simply to tell me that he's busy and can't talk for long since he's dumping water on his igloo that he's making infront of his house. So, you see, I'm a little torn because I have looked foward to hearing from Yuji and hearing his crazy stories, but maybe it's time he grows up...but then, if he has to grow up, that would entail me growing up, too. But then again, I don't want to get a call from him, telling me he's in jail either. Oh well. For now, congrats Yuji, for graduating from college! We are so proud of you and love you tons!!!

Hanging out with brother and sister!

Enjoying QT with the family. My mom is learning how to throw the foot ball.

Graduation feast at a Japanese steak house!

more picture on flickr!


sienna said...

I would love to spend time with your mom--hopefully someday--she is lovely Sienna just left for Norway-- i am happy for her xokate

Damien said...

i'm wondering how kate got signed in as sienna...