Saturday, May 12, 2007

Holding down the fort

I'm eating deer track ice cream right now. Ice cream tends to remind me of Sienna and Kyrie. They just finished their first year at Covenant and have left Chatty, leaving me to be the only Howard girl here for the summer. Actually Lowen is currently in Uganda, which leaves Vincent and I to be the only Howards in town. It ain't the same without our cousins.

So, here is a post, looking back over the past year. Sienna and Kyrie, thanks for your friendship and the fun you brought to my life. If it ain't for you two, I don't know how I would have made it as a new member of the Howard clan :). It's been a great year and can't wait to have you guys back again!

At grandipop's and gradimary's crabfeast.

A puff of cigar: $.10

Tylenol for a headache: $6.95

Kyrie's birthday party: $20.

Nose picking. $30.

Beauty Sleep: Priceless


e. donovan said...

Crab feast - so great! I love the Howards.

sienna said...

i cant believe you posted that last one.. i will get you back one day!

miss you.. even in norway.

kyrieanna said...

kiko! just saw this post..thanks for giving love! i miss you guys so much...ya'll are such a bright spot in my time at covenant.