Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Little Lamb

This weekend, a bundle of joy and energy, that I very much needed in my life, rolled into town. Carrie drove in from New Orleans Friday evening, calling me two hours before she arrived. Spontaneity is one thing you gotta love about Carrie, but that also means that you really don't know when she's coming or when she's going. Anyways, all that said, Carrie has a way of rejuvenating me so her presence is always welcome. Although we have never lived in the same town, she has become one of my closest friends, or as Anne of Green Gables would say, she is my kindred spirit. We have so many crazy funny memories, even if we have always lived 7 hours apart: trips to Savannah and New York, cooking turkey and baking pumpkin pie, dancing in the streets of FL, taking bike rides, eating thanksgiving dinner with a homeless man and last but not least, Carrie making her love potion at my wedding.

Carrie is the truest of true free spirits out there. (You may think you are one, but you'll never come close to Carrie.) Cheers! To my crazy friend.

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