Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Cards That Define My Life

1) My new driver's license with my new identity: Yukiko Howard.

2) My workers permit, so that I can work in the United States.

3) My green card!
Which I was approved for today!
It will be sent to me within the next 30 days!
(However I discovered today that
the actual card will not be green.)
This means that I'm going to be a Lawful Permanent Resident.

Thanks for all those who prayed for me over the years and those who prayed for our interview today with Homeland Security. The interview went by smoothly, no tricky questions, they just asked how we met, where we got married, and how Vincent broke his butt.


Damien said...

lofty congrats on your new official status. of course, we that know and love you have always considered you a full-fledged citizen.
how for the love of pete did they know about vincent's tailbone? was this covered in the media? or was there a question on the form asking if your husband was currently disabled and did you have anything to do with it?

Josiah said...

so awesome! Congratulations!

Thomas said...

congratulations kiko!
we love you very much--especially now that we are legally able to.

Kiko and/or Vincent said...

Uncle Damien:

The question about the 'butt' was the first question they was the ice breaker. They asked how it happend once they noticed that Vincent was limping and could not sit. (This was the first time he even tried to sit since his accident). With much pain, he was able to sit with the help of his donut. :)

christy worley-middleton said...

Kiko, this is christy worley, just found ur site on annie's. congrats on ur offical exciting!! enjoyed your site..keep n touch,