Monday, January 22, 2007

Sharks to Dancing

It’s been a busy weekend.

Friday, the Howard clan of Chattanooga (Lowen, Sienna, Kyrie, Vincent and I) went to the TN Aquarium to hear Rodney Fox speak. Rodney Fox is one of the most famous shark bite survivors in the world and a renowned shark specialist/conservationist.

We had the privilege of meeting Mr. Fox because Vincent had written an article about him in the Pulse. Brent Mills, the host of the event and producer of National Geographic Video: Hunt for the Great White Shark, had helped Vincent gather information, set up the interview with Mr. Fox and was kind enough to invite us to the event. The speaker was enjoyable and furthermore the sushi and the shrimp cocktail were delish.

Saturday, we attended the Brian-Susan wedding with several of our friends. Brady and Kristen were in town for the wedding, so later that evening, we all met up for pizza and dancing.

Kristine, Kristin, me and Emily (Andy in the back) at the wedding.

Here we(Brady, Kristen, Vincent, me, John and Kristine) are Sunday: pooped from all the shinanigans. Hanging out before the Kings head home.

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