Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Grand Union of B & B

Well, to no surprise Josiah posted about the greatest news of this year before I got to it. He took the joy of my blog posting moment of the day. (Like I told him, I had just promised Bethany I would give her till the end of the day to tell people in person.) Oh well. Anyways, so here is the news, which is actually not my news to spread either, but Bethany and Ben's: they are engaged!

Bethany ("my almost common law roommate", as she would put it) is to be married to Ben Weaver! Ah, such sweet news! God is always so good, ever so faithful. If it weren't for Vincent and Ben, Bethany, I and her cats would have grown old on our porch, growing to be the greatest hags of all times. Ben, I'm so excited at the thought of having you as a brother. Bethany, love you, miss you, I'm coming up to celebrate.

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