Friday, April 03, 2009

My Childhood

My brother forwarded the following pictures awhile ago and I just got around to storing them on my computer. Looking at these photos, I remember the fact that I was never fond of my parents taking pictures of me. Now, I appreciate these photos so much. The life in the tribes were hard for me and I couldn't wait for the day I was back living in civilization. I'm realizing now that I was so busy looking forward into my life, that I didn't think twice about leaving my childhood behind. However, thanks to my parents who were committed to capturing our lives every step of the way, I can look back and see that I had a great childhood, though I may not have known it then. (And recognize the importance of living in the now and not being in such hurry to move on.)

To get here.... my parents can work....

...we took this plane...

...and this boat, and a fishing boat and a pearl ship.

In the tribe, we played house like any other children around the world.
Instead of a car, my family owned a dug out canoe.

Take your child to work day

Our home. My Mother.


svr said...

wow. those pictures are amazing! i have many of the same thoughts when i think about my childhood in africa. and i too have come to cherish the remaining pictures that we have.

Kyrie Howard said...

how is your mother so glamourous in a tshirt and over-sized, elastic-waisted shorts?