Thursday, November 06, 2008

Migraines cut breast cancer risk 30 percent

This article goes out to all the Howards...
...I've never met so many people that get Migraines as often as they do.


kate said...

hey, can we blame it on their grandmother somehow(my mom) who suffered from them? I hear there is a hereditary dimension to it.
If we blame it on my mom, then maybe no one will suspect it was actually the Howard household with all of its dysfunction wreaking the havoc in their heads-whatdyathink?!

Kiko said...

Aunt Kate -

I would agree except that Vincent gets them too (he has no blood relation to your mother)...and so does your soon-to-be daughter-in-law. It's nuts. I feel so bad for all of you that suffer from it. I feel like such a wuss when I get a headache and I'm rolling on the ground from what I consider "unbearable". I know it's nothing compared to what Sienna, Lowen or Vincent get. Though, now when I get a migraine (which only comes like twice a year), I blame it on the fact that I'm becoming more Howardly.