Friday, September 19, 2008


I feel like every year around this time my life is going all different directions. There has been so many changes and adjustments that I have lacked in the friend department by not updating my friends and family in whats going real quickly in the last few minutes of my lunch break:

Update 1: I have a new job. I've have been at Tandus as a Studio Assistant for exactly a month now and I finally feel like I can formally announce that I have a new job. It's a huge adjustment from social work to designing carpet and working with color all day. In a nutshell: I love it! I miss my kids but this is a new challenge God has put before me and I'm soaking it up. I'm learning from the best of the best in textile and carpet design.

Update 2: (Sorta goes with the first update)

I no longer have a work cell phone (which is AWESOME!!!). If you ever have a 24-7 work phone attached to you - you can agree to how liberating it is to get rid of it. For those who don't know: it may not seem like a big deal, but believe me, it is. It took me a week to get used to not checking to see if I had it. After I got rid of it, I heard a similar ring tone from another heart started beating real fast.

Furthermore, I really can't have my cell around on me at work - so, really I went to having two pretty much not having any during the work day. I love it...but I am sorry to my friend who have tried to get a hold of me. I guess that is what my update 2 is about: my phone access is limited. (Well, so is my e-mail access. I can only check my personal e-mails every so often...the company docs us for too much web surfing...and g-mail counts as web surfing.)

Update 3: I now wake up at 6:30 those who know me, this is unbelievable.

Update 4: Bigger then the updates mentioned above: Vincent and I have been married for two years now!!!

Update 5: We've been married two years; moved twice and about to move for the third time. Yes, we are moving again. First year, we lived in a one bedroom apt. Second year, we moved into a two bedroom house. As we go into our third year of marriage, we are moving into a three bedroom house. Lovin' it. We will be painting, packing and moving this weekend. Please keep us in your prayers.

Update 6: My parents are coming to visit for the first time since we have been married. I guess this is not an update, but just 'news'...

Update 7: Vincent is back in school (part-time) and working towards getting certified to teach. Please pray for him as he takes care of me (cooks and cleans), works part-time, student teaches once a week and goes to class. Pray that it is God's will to open doors for him to start teaching in January.

Okay - I think that is it for updates...

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