Friday, November 30, 2007

Santa for Foster Kids?

You wanna be one?
That is... sponsor a foster child by giving him/her a Christmas gift...
Each child has written a "Santa Wish List" and I'm looking for anybody who would like to be their Santa this year.

For those that are interested, shoot me an e-mail (or a comment) and I would love to help you out. This is not financially threatening as most kids just want toys or clothes - and we are only asking you to purchase ONE of the items on their list. Okay, so most of the teens want ipods and play station 2. And if you want to grant their wishes, be my guest! But realistically, there are plenty of kids who just want puzzles, Thomas the Train, black nail polish etc.

So, if you could help, I would love you...and so would the kids.
There are 100 more children in Walker County that need Santas! Yo!
This is a last minute attempt to help my co-social worker...and I would need to get her the gifts by December 6th.

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