Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A toast

Well, Ben and Bethany have been married for a little over 6 months now. But it was only this weekend when we finally got to celebrate their marriage with them. So much went on, I don't know where to begin. It's always great to have an excuse to see friend, be with friends, come together as friends to celebrate their joys in life.

I didn't really give much of toast at the dinner or the party, because as most of you know, I can't go through one without crying. So, here is my toast: Bethany, you have been a true friend, as you have seen me through the thick and the thin. You are interwoven in so many of my memories, good and the bad. Jeff Buckley, Outkast, Radio Head to Portishead - they all make me think of you. You have known me more than anyone out there and have still stuck around - which says a lot about you as a friend. And Ben, you are lucky to have found a person like her that will stick by your side as she has me. I am so so happy for both of you. It was a joy for me to see your relationship grow - from the first time Ben came over and brought over a tomato, you two reading the Narnia books, to Ben buying out Green Life's supply of cheese, to Ben's book bag being a fixture in our living room...such great memories. I hope to be apart of more. Congratulations you two. Cheers! I love you both.

And all that said, Bethany deserved to have a girls night out before her big 'bash' on Sunday. So, some of us girls met up at the Meeting Place for some cocktails. It was so fun, we have to do it more often. We need to get those 'mothers' out more often! :)


katiek said...

Glad to see you all celebrate! My bro-in-law has yet to celebrate with the fam his eloping and it's been over 2 years! Also, I appreciate your concern to get the mama's out. I always wonder what you hip, swingin' chicks think of us moms home all the time with barely anything adult to talk about. That's what communities are for! Cheers!

Kyrie said...

glowing tables? funfun