Monday, July 09, 2007

My favorite city in America is...


I visited Seattle a couple of years ago and fell in love w/ it. This was Vincent's first time and he fell in love too. You just can't beat the beauty that surrounds it and its fresh fresh air. I mean, come on! The first thing you see flying into the city is this beautiful mountain, Mount Rainier. I love this city!! It's big, but 'quainty'...if that is a word.

AND, ah, the fresh fruits, vegetables and the seafood. Oh! and there is so much to do! Vincent and I went on walks along rivers and piers, hung out at parks, sought out coffee shops and went shopping for records. If we weren't there for a wedding, there were so many music shows to choose from. I would consider moving, but I'm sure I don't have a good perspective on Seattle weather since I've only been there during the summers.

Anyways, enough about the city. The reason why we went was to see my two high school friends, Becky and Joel get married. The trip was amazing, not only because of our destination, but because of our time with my high school friends. For those who don't know, I went to Faith Academy in Manila, Philippines. The friends I made there have a huge part of my heart. We have been there for each other since way back when. And when ever we get together, it almost like we've never been apart (except for the fact that we are no longer 14 or 15 and lots have happend since then). We have attended each other's weddings, which oddly enough have always fell on every other year in August. (I got married August, 2006; Kip got married August, 2004; Bill got married August 2002 and Alcoe got married August 2000.) Until this year when Joel and Becky got married a year after me in June, and Joey and Becca will be getting married this September. Anyways, every wedding is so special to all of us since it's like a mini-reunion. This one was more special than the other ones for me since I got to share it with Vincent. I got to share with Vincent what I still consider a huge part of my life-my friendships with my high school buddies. It was amazing; Vincent fell right into the groove of things and got to know them more. He was considered one of them, as he and the other guys had usher duty at the wedding together. I couldn't have asked for a better time, especially when my two worlds were colliding...great times. Great times.

So, the company was great and so was the city. BUT, I can't leave out the incredible wedding we were apart of. Becky and Joel had dated in high school a decade ago, but it was only a year ago that God brought them back together. So the whole wedding was a celebration and praise to God, for His provision and faithfulness in bringing the couple a happy ending. Becky found this big tree to get married under and had white banners flying from the tree to the barn, where we had the reception.

The barn it self was lit with lots of paper lanterns and flowers. It was the the coziest wedding.

All that to say, the trip was perfect. It was Vincent and my first plane trip together. I have found myself the most perfect travel buddy.

But travel buddy or no travel buddy, it's always nice to be back home.


Christy Worley-Middleton said...

Kiko, I enjoyed your blog!! Friends from 10+ yrs ago will ALWAYS have those special memories to look back on. I will always remember Bible Class. :)love ya

Anonymous said...

Kiko, How is is that you were in Seattle and we didn't get to see you??? We love it here too it is one of the best places I have ever lived and if you guys come to visit again be sure and give us a call so we can hook up.

Paul and Pria

Yukiko said...

P and P:

We are busted! :) Yes, we were in Seattle the middle of June for about three days. Wish we had the time to catch up with you! I'm sure it would have been more enjoyable than spending majority of the time getting lost in Seattle :). I do hope you two are doing well.

sienna said...

i enjoyed all your words! and i'm real glad that you found a travel buddy in my cousin :) cause now I'll always know you...

hey... we'll be back soon. i can't wait! mom and papa are thinkin' about taking us too so they can see your place. (and you two)