Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I Can Totally Relate

Oh, so cracks me up! I despise roaches! And my friends, including my husband, mock my detest for these devils. I freak out, scream and at times I have cried at the sight of roaches. The other day, I was e-mailing and the 'nasties' flew on my hand!!!!! I freaked, screamed, curled up in the fetal position and couldn't move. Vincent had to run over, pick me up and move me away from the roach. There was another incident where I started crying, swearing there was a roach in my pants. At the time Ryan Dixon was driving, so I made him pull over, come to find out the 'roach' was only a seam in my jeans. I just can't STAND those things! There are many a times Vincent had to hold the sobbing me and reassure me that he will protect me from the roaches. (Oh, so embarrassing...but funny.) SO! In this weatherman I have finally have found a kindred spirit.

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Michelle D said...

I grew up in Florida with the big ones and I'm terrified of them. I remember having a "Alfred Hitchcock - The Roaches!" moment in a St.Elmo house I rented w/ a bunch of girls. I turned right around and drove back up to Covenant and slept on my sister's bean bag. Ugh. So have you heard of cave crickets (or camel-back crickets)? They are my #1 insect fear - look like a bunch of dang bats hanging from the ceiling in basements. I know my phobias which include the Muppet's are a bit ridiculous but I have never met anyone that wasn't instantly repulsed by these things. The third year, I think, that I lived with the Zoanni's I decided to move down in the basement for more privacy. Not a good idea. Cricket kingdom! I made friends with the bug man Jimmy Hendrix and he gave me a box of 200 rat glue traps. I put every single one out along the walls and around my bed to catch crickets. Not very aesthetically pleasing but quite effective - every single trap was full within weeks. That marked the end of my time in the basement:)

sienna said...

oh my gosh!!! this is reallytruly funny!! man, i cant wait till kyr wakes up tomorrow so i can show her... man, im still laughing.