Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sharing the One True Love

Yesterday was Memorial Day and for those who attend New City Fellowship it means that it is also the day we have our annual Woodlawn Block Party. It is when the congregation goes into the heart of our ministry, our neighborhood, and throws them a huge bash. In the past weeks, Woodlawn has been getting media attention due to its high rise in crime. This didn't stop New City from going there in hopes to share the gospel. I love that about my church!

The Woodlawn Block Party is a big event for New City, as we live for community outreach. The church is working alongside our community daily, but the block party is a special way for us to show God's love. It gives us members the opportunity to go into the housing projects with free food and entertainment. But when it comes down to it, the block party is really the only time the whole neighborhood comes out of their apartments to be together as a community, getting along, and having fun. And instead of those in need coming to us, we are there in their midst, in hopes that God is working in us to share His love.

I was blessed to be apart of it all. Though I must say that I just really wanted to ‘kick it’ on my day off. Actually, Vincent had to coax me to go. It wasn’t that I was opposed to going-- I’ve been to the Block Party for the past two years. But this year I was SO tempted to just stay in bed. Going meant we had to start the day at 8:45--waking our youth group up (they had a lock-in), feeding them breakfast, helping the church load the U-haul with chairs, tents, and what not, then going door-to-door inviting people to the block party, and last but not least, being put in charge of the blow-up toys in the 90 degree weather. I’m exhausted, but I was glad I went. The thing that I feel most blessed for was the opportunity to minister with my husband and friends. There is something uniting about sharing the gospel together. I am able to rejoice today that we share the same


To top it off, we were able to end the day with more friends on the river. Ah, friends. Gotta love em. (Pictures on flickr.)

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