Monday, April 02, 2007

The Brothers H

My brothers, Vernon and Benjamin, share a birthday on April 2nd. Ben, on my left in the photo above, turns 17 today. Vernon, on my right, turns 28.

These men have been a tremendous inspiration to me. They shared the "best-man" duty at my wedding last August. Their reception speaches, according to witnesses, were full of generous wit, comic aplumb, artful sentimentality, and generation-defining savviness.

Vernon is a married father of two living in New Windsor, Maryland. He drives a Nissan truck my cousin Lowen has likened to a combination of a Dodge Neon and the P---y Wagon from Kill Bill. He is handy with his hands. He wears a tool belt whenever and wherever he can, sometimes to the bathroom, sometimes to the bedroom. He is a master of Flannery O'Connoresque humor. Vernon never met a cheesesteak he didn't like.

Ben is a high school student living in St. Michaels, Maryland. He is waiting for a sign from heaven to reveal to him the importance of obtaining a driver's license. Ben's school, fortunately situated a block from his house, will be the launch-pad for his up-and-coming music video enterprise. His current project is a video for Common's "Be." He recently brought his F-average up to honor-roll status. Ben is visited in dreams by Dave Chappelle.

Happy Birthday boys.

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faith said...

I like this post. I learning about the people that I am living with and the people that visit them.