Friday, April 27, 2007

and I'de like to check you for ticks

So, has anyone heard of Brad Paisley? I hadn't, until Emily called me last night telling me she met Mr. Paisley's manager and he gave her four tickets. Do I want to go? Emily asked.

Apparently, he is one of the 'top of the chart' country singers. In my book, the most interesting fact was that he is married to actress, Kimberly Williams, who played the daughter in 'Father of the Bride' movies.

Anyways, when Emily called me up, I couldn't pass up the offer to experience something so 'American' as to going to a Country show. We made the best of it as we sat in our free sorta-front row seats and hung out with the band members after the concert.

Here we are: Katie, Em, April and me!
In front of the tour buses.

This is not an interesting picture, until you realize his new hit single is called, "Ticks".
While he sang, "...and I'd like to check you for ticks...". Ticks were "crawling" behind him.
Listen to it. No offense, but I don't get how the thought of ticks will make me lovey dovey.

Last but not least, here is Mr. Paisley himself!

PS- I video taped him a bit, and I'll post it later.


funke said...

I'm not a country fan, as a general rule, but I do like Brad Paisley. Did he sing Alcohol? That song cracks me up every time...

Kiko and/or Vincent said...

He did sing Alcohol. In the background they had pictures of the local chattanooga bars. I was disappointed because they didn't get Lamars.

April Roe said...

What an awesome evening. I got to be a "band-aid" for one night, and it was everything I hoped it would be. LOL!

KT said...

It really was an amazing night. Those tour bus moments were hilarious. Thanks for sitting next to me Kiko and enduring all the cheesiness :)