Sunday, February 18, 2007

A puppy looking for a home.

For now, my name is "Maybe".
John and Kristine found me shivering on the side of the road.
Maybe you find me to be adorable.
Maybe you can be my new mommy and/or daddy.

Maybe you can love me, I promise I'll love you back,
there's no 'maybe' to that.
Maybe we can take naps together.

Maybe you can hold me close like this.
Definitely, Maybe.

(For anyone interested in taking this puppy,
John or Kristine may be contacted.
If you do not know them, please comment.
I will get back to you w/ their contact information.)


Cara said...

Hey Kiko,
Let me talk to Toby.

Yukiko said...

Cara-Maybe is super would definately like her.