Thursday, February 15, 2007

Falling Chocolate Cake

The men in our small group cooked for the women
on Valentines day.
The food was excellent, and in my book, it was the most enjoyable
Valentines dinner.

Many thanks to the no particular order:


John Simpson planned the main menue.

He prepared the dessert...falling chocolate cake!!!
So So good.

We, the girls just sat and watched while men
worked hard in the kitchen.

Here it is: The delicious dinner.

and last but not least: the dessert!
EVERY thing was from scratch...dinner to dessert.

It was the most fun Valentines... I got roses...
(and lots of other gifts) can never go wrong with roses.


Michelle D said...

Chicken Piccata? Reminds me of Mister Alex Z. - one of the dishes he always ordered. I wonder how difficult that cake it to make. It looks tasty!

Yukiko said...

Hey Michelle! bringin' back memories: Alex, Chicken Piccata(yes indeed)and you...

vanckirby said...

looks yummy!