Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Our Silver Boogers


sienna or kyrie or both said...

mine keeps inchin! and i keep forgetting i have it and yeah... it's not good when i go to itch it.

but i love it!


Damien said...

owchy wowchy. please don't poke anymore holes in yourself.

annie said...

Hi Kiko. Yes, I still peek at your blog time to time. Hope you don't mind. I suppose I should comment more. You, your friends, your hubbie all look like such a great group of people. How blessed you are to have that community.
I still have the scar from when I pierced my own nose in 9th grade. Miss Searson visited me in Science class to let me know that piercing was not welcomed. I remember someone telling me it looked like a silver pimple. Yours, however, do not. Very cute!

Kiko and/or Vincent said...

Hey Annie! Glad to 'see' you...I'm about to head over to your blog :).

Man, you should have told me about the scar!!! I had asked three other people and they were all in denial of the scar issue. One of the reasons why I jumped on doing it was because I thought that its not permanent. Oh, well. At least I can say, scar or no scar...I don't have Ms. Searson in my face.

(and, yes I am blessed with the community that God has placed me in)

Kiko and/or Vincent said...

Uncle Damien: I want it on record that, it was your daugter's idea :).

Damien said...

she's already 'fessed up about that. but kiko, you and sienna are such natural beauties you really don't need to add anything.
(that last picture of sienna brings nicole kidman, in her earlier days, to mind.)

sienna or kyrie or both said...

oh thanks pops! you made my day :)


Ruth said...

Kiko, love the nose ring. you guys look awesome. if you don't mind me asking: 1. was it very painful? 2. how much did it cost? 3. how does it feel now to have something in your nose?

love you girl!

Yukiko said...

Hey Ruth!
1)It felt like popping a bad zit
3)Don't really feel it anymore...i can still pick my nose fine.

ben said...

to pierce the nose is human. to pick it is divine.

(looks snazz!)