Thursday, December 14, 2006

Surgeon General's Warning:

I was surfing the net for images to use for a project and I came across a site that traces Camel Adds from its beginning.

I’ve always been interested in the history of advertisement. Not just for the sake of its visual means but in how they are molded by the culture around them; and at the same time they define the cultural norm. The science of advertisement is cut throat - they want your attention just with in a glance and they want you to buy, the glance there after.

Anyways, here are some images tracing the history of the beloved Turkish Blend.

one of the very first. (20 for 10cents)

1920's - This is when they started advertising toward young women, until then some states did not allow women to smoke at all.

Camel begins to use real photo's to make it more believable and athelets to "promote a healthy image".

1970's - Camel man appears. They start gearing their ads towards men, tough men, that is.

1980's - "It's a whole new world...without woman"

2000's - I guess they discovered 'sex sells' and they begin to use images of women again.

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