Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Sayonara Citizen's Bank

Bethany came to visit pre-Thanksgiving. She cooked us dinner and we enjoyed eachother's company. (For pictures, you know where to go.)

Bethany and I were able to have another bonding moment as we drove up Lookout Mountain to close our accounts at Citizen's Bank. It was so sad, we both banked their for 7/8 years and had become friends with the bank ladies. They wished us luck and hugged us goodbye. I love this bank and it's family banking mission. No one really understood why Bethany and I banked so far away from home and with a bank with only two branches. But we were committed to visiting our banker lady friends who baked us cookies, thats what banking is all about! ya know.

This was another moment in time that said that 'bethany-kiko' era has ended one chapter and is moving on to the next. Closing out old accounts and opening new accounts.

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