Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I'm a Junkie

Man. So, some of us gathered on the Martin’s porch last night to give out candy to trick or treaters. Charity asked each child what they were and if they weren’t dressed up in costumes, she still asked…and if they responded with an ‘I dunno’, she still had them come up with something. Very interactive and very creative, one kid even rapped for his treats. Some, not so creative, responded with, “I’m a pimp!”, “I’m a junkie” (most of these comments coming out of children no older than 6)…some just asked for beer. Next year I’m handing out tracks with my candy!!!

Henry the Bear

Jackson and Watchman: Watchman's very first candy!

Doubl-headed Bearded Man (A.k.a. the Stavens)

This was my favorite costume of the year!
(I don't know who she is...)

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MaryPaul said...

I know her! I saw her picture on a cigarette ad poster in Jess's bedroom. I think she is too young to be advertising cigarettes and too young to be a working girl.